Do Your Compact Cooling Units Meet Government Standards?

December 14, 2017

All data center upflow and downflow compressorized cooling systems must meet U.S. Department of Energy minimum energy standards. This standard requires an efficiency that ranges from 1.79 for large capacity air-cooled units to 2.20 for air-cooled units with capacities less than 65,000 BTU/h. Additional standards apply to other capacities and types of systems.

Beat the efficiency standard with the new Liebert PDX system

Along with higher efficiency, the Liebert PDX and Liebert PCW compact perimeter cooling systems offer:

  • 2 times the efficiency of its predecessor
  • 25% higher efficiency than the Liebert Challenger 3000 direct expansion system
  • Liebert iCOM™ unit control for highest protection, efficiency and insight

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