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We know not all UPS systems will sit in a pristine climate-controlled setting. That’s why industrial Chloride systems are all built to deliver reliability in the harshest operating conditions. You can trust our ability to design and service power protection solutions that can withstand any perturbations, even in the most challenging applications.


Your data center and edge computing sites are the core of your business. Intelligent, efficient power and thermal infrastructure are critical to ensuring continuous access to vital applications and data. Liebert power and thermal management systems are designed to protect your IT environment and adapt to your changing needs.


Your network plays a critical role in your business. The last thing you want to worry about is your infrastructure’s DC power system failing. With superior reliability and a minimal footprint, the NetSure platform keeps your critical data flowing in central offices, data centers, and the edge of your network.


Whether your data center operations are large, small, remote or centralized, you need visibility, control and planning capabilities to support your business goals. Trellis™ platform is a powerful real-time infrastructure optimization platform that’s versatile enough to adapt to your changing needs. Modular and adaptive, it delivers visibility into critical infrastructure systems across your enterprise to optimize performance and support your evolution toward automation and software-defined management.


Independently, each Geist product line offers industry-leading capabilities and technology for the data center. Together, these products combine power, cooling, monitoring and DCIM to create the four cornerstones for maintaining a secure and efficient data center. With a host of scalable DCIM systems for single cabinets, an entire enterprise and everything in between, each customer benefits from solutions that are tailored to their needs.

Energy Labs

Energy Labs designs and manufactures high-performance air-handling, Air cooled, and evaporative cooled rooftop DX units, Indirect and Direct Evaporative Cooling and energy recovery systems that are individually customized to meet the critical demands of our customers.


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